Publish Your Own Electronic Book

Why Should You Publish Your Own Book?

eBooks are only set to grow, I personally have only ever read hard copy paper books, I read one a week but.....I am so close to trying out an eBook reader here are a couple of reasons why you might want to publish your own electronic book (eBook).

1.     To become an author!

There are several big retailers in the electronic book market, Amazon has perhaps the most well known book publishing opportunity but if you prefer other routes to success then available are Smashwords, Apple IBookstore


2.     Publicity for your website or business

Many companies are giving away thier electronic books? Free eBooks, if they are useful they spread fast. This is an easy way for you to publicise your website, products or business.

Of course, for that to happen, your Ebook needs to be more than just an advertising brochure - it really has to have something worth reading for people to bother to read and pass it on.

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